Why am I doing this?

In fact, it is all because of Fiona. I grew up around all different dog breeds, but when SHE came to my life, she fulfilled the role of a perfect dog for me. With her awesome character, looks and health, she convinced me that from now on my heart belongs to Weimaraners. I founded the breeding kennel to be able to pass on her great genes and once who knows, to leave her offspring at home.

Why Easy Company?

Who knows history or saw Steven Spielberg’s series The Band of Brothers knows that Easy Company was an elite Regiment of brave paratroopers during World War II. The brotherhood of the fearless, who always stood with each other, believed in one another, and never left their companion behind. The Easy Company for me also means a company without complications, simple, relaxed. And this is what I want not only to be me as a breeder, but mainly I want to be such as our offspring. I will always choose a dog, like Fiona, not only healthy and exquisitely beautiful, but whose nature will be non-conflicting but confident, bold but adaptable, the nature of a partner, which you can pull not only on the field and into the forest, but also for the sports, bike, cross-country skiing, to take them to the city, to the sea, and to the mountains. I want to give this to all my offspring and I believe that the puppies from the kennel Easy Company will be exactly that, because they will have it in their blood.

I sincerely believe that our puppies will be great for:


Dog sport trainings









Tracking / Search

Therapeutic Dog

To the children

To other animals

and actually whatever you want. However, I do not think that they will be able to fulfill the role of a utility animal, tied to a chain in a shed with a single role to guard the owner’s land, as well as I cannot imagine that they would perfectly perform the role of a pure couch dog. However, if you are looking for a Weim that you have read in the breed standard, I believe that you are at the right address.